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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

100 interesting facts about Armenia

1. The name of the Armenian apples is gone on the Armenian people
2 . Churchill daily drank Armenian cognac.
3. The symbol of Armenia is mount Ararat.
4. In 1921, as part of Turkey included mount Ararat.
5. For twenty-two generals and marshals of the Soviet Union was the homeland the village of chardakhly.
6. In 1926 was built the first power station in Yerevan.
7. Armenia was the first country that adopted Christianity at the state level.
8. In 1933, launched the first tram line in Yerevan.
9. In 2002 in Yerevan opened its first news Agency.

10. Armenian scientist David the Invincible was composed the first textbook arithmetic problems.
11. In 1921 was founded the first Armenian school in Yerevan state University.
12. The highest mountain in the world MT.
13. During the reign of king Tigranes of Armenia was the most powerful country in the world.
14. The largest art gallery was established in 1921.
15. More than 17 thousand monuments of art are in the Armenian picture gallery.
16. Republic square is the biggest square in Yerevan.
17. Ordzhonikidze Avenue is the longest street in Yerevan.
18. Street Melik Adamyan is considered the shortest street in Yerevan.
19. "Cold water of Yerevan" is the smallest sculpture of Armenia.
20. In the South-Western region there is the large family of Armenia. 21. The first small school for the children of workers was opened in 1919.
22. In 1927, came on the radio first program radio Yerevan.
23. On the street "pharmacy" is the pharmacy Armof governance.
24. The Youth Palace, was once the tallest building in Yerevan.
25. "Kozern" — the old cemetery of Armenia.
26. In the CCM them. K. Demirchyan is the biggest concert hall of Yerevan.
27. Cinema "Ayrarat" the young cinema of Yerevan.
28. Armenian State Geological Museum is the largest meteorite of Armenia.
29. One of the biggest bridges in Europe — the Great Soviet bridge in Yerevan.
30. "Mother Armenia" is the largest monument in Yerevan.
31. The Central Hrazdan stadium is the largest stadium in Yerevan.
32. More than 56 meters height, the highest monument of Armenia.
33. The stone is volcanic tufa is the most popular stone in Armenia.
34. The oldest cinema of Armenia is the "Nairi"cinema.
35. In 1919, founded the oldest educational institution of Armenia. 36. In 1930 was opened the oldest salon "therefore, an official".
37. More than 3,5 tons weighs the monument to the heroic epic of David of Sasun.
38. The use of a large amount of salt is a characteristic feature of the Armenian cuisine.
39. One of the most ancient cities in the world is Yerevan, capital of Armenia.
40. In the year 787 based Yerevan by king Argishti Urandom. 41. Seven million people has the Armenian Diaspora around the world.
42. The Armenian genocide took place in 1915.
43. Apricot is a living symbol of Armenia.
44. Armenian cognac is of high quality throughout the world.
45. Half Armenian is a well-known chess player Garry Kasparov.
46. In the UNESCO-listed monastic complex of Tatev.
47. The weakest 45 ice hockey team of Armenia won in 2006.
48. Twenty emperors of Armenian origin was in Byzantium. 49. One of the most perfect in the world is the Armenian alphabet.
50. In 585 year of the Armenian Bagratuni Prince Sambat was founded by Kiev.
51. The Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots. 52. Armenia adopted Christianity in 301. 53. Some scientists believe the most intelligent nation on the planet is the Armenian.
54. In 1926 was built the first Armenian waterproofing.
55. Old Nork is the most highly located district of Yerevan.
56. The sacred battle with the Persians, the Armenian commander called his soldiers with the words "conscious Death is immortality".
57. One of the three committed in the world called the Armenian alphabet.
58. In 1868 he founded the first Museum on the territory of Armenia. 59. Traditional Armenian musical instrument — DUDUK.
60. Leather loafers lace-up believe in the Armenian Museum, the most ancient in the world.
61. At 29 years older than Rome is the capital of Armenia Yerevan.
62. Armenia does not recognize the only country in the world Pakistan.
63. Plums called Armenian apples or apricot.
64. Armenian mathematician created the first textbook in the world.
65. At lake Sevan were carried out the longest swim in the world.
66. In one of the oldest countries in the world was Armenia, where there are journey.
67. In 1659, was created a throne for the Armenian king of diamonds in the Gothic style.
68. In the North of Asia is Armenia, which borders Georgia, Turkey and Iran.
69. Almost 30 thousand square meters area of Armenia.
70. More than 3 million people has a population of Armenia.
71. More than 90% of the population profess Christianity.
72. In the early 19th century most of Armenia became part of Russia.
73. In 1918 was proclaimed the independence of Armenia.
74. In 1992 Armenia joined the UN.
75. Armenia has a wide year-round tourist profile, thanks to the pristine nature.
76. In Armenia there are a large number of health resorts.
77. The state of Urartu, was located on the territory of modern Armenia.
78. More than 100 thousand years ago, people inhabited the territory of modern Armenia.
79. One of the oldest Nations in the world are Armenians.
80. Weaving is the first popular Armenian craft.
81. In 428 there were Armenian Kingdom greater Armenia.
82. One of the most ancient churches of the Armenian is Armenian Apostolic Church.
83. In the year 405 created the Armenian alphabet.
84. Biblical mount Ararat is the main symbol of Armenia.
85. In the 12th century the capital of Armenia is Yerevan.
86. In the Birds ' cave is the oldest in the world winery.
87. The world's oldest collection of medieval manuscripts located in Yerevan.
88. In the Ararat plain are grown the most delicious apricots in the world. 89. Armenia is included in 40 international organizations.
90. One of the biggest lakes in the world shapes the Armenian lake Sevan.
91. A huge underground lake is located in the Ararat Valley.
92. Aragats — the highest point of Armenia.
93. One of the world's centers of industry is considered to be Armenia.
94. Over 2800 years ago was founded the Yerevan.
95. In 1450 the years Armenia was part of the Omani Empire.
96. In 1922 Armenia became part of the Soviet Union.
97. In 1991, Armenia joined the Commonwealth of independent States.
98. July 5 1995 the Constitution was adopted in Armenia.
99. In the 166 year was founded the first Armenian city of Artashat.
100. In the 95 years Armenia was considered the most developed country in the world.

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