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Monday, January 16, 2017


Ararat has long been considered a symbol of Armenia. Therefore, when in the twenties of the last century between her and Turkey on behalf of the Soviet Union had signed a peace Treaty, according to which the volcano was on the territory of the Turkish Republic for Armenians this was the real tragedy with which they are not humbled to this day.
Therefore, the coat of arms still adorns the sacred for all Armenians, the volcano on top of which is the biblical Noah's ark, and get it they are there, despite the protests of the Turkish government, are not going. And the land around the mountain and consider their
historical homeland (despite the fact that mount Ararat is from Armenia at a distance of thirty two kilometres).
Ararat is a sacred mountain of the Armenians
Is the highest mountain of the Armenian highlands in the East of the Turkish Republic, on the coast of Araks river, sixteen kilometers from Iran and thirty-two from Contents: [hide]
Ararat is a sacred mountain of the ArmeniansAppearanceIn search of (if you want to clarify on a map where is mount Ararat, its exact geographical coordinates are 39°42'09" North latitude. 44°18'01" e).
Comes with Ararat in the Armenian highlands, an area of about 400 thousand sq. km. (if you look at the map, it is located on the territory of five countries – Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan). Currently, almost all of the volcanoes of the Armenian highlands, in addition to Nemrut, no volcanic activity – this refers to the highest peak of the ridge, MT.
Scientists suggest that the highest volcano of Turkey showed active volcanic activity in the III Millennium BC, since under a layer of lava layers, the researchers found many artifacts belonging to the early bronze age and remains of human bodies. After that, the mountain calmed and the special activity did not show.
Fully sleeping volcano Ararat cannot be called as the last manifestations of volcanic activity has occurred relatively recently, in the mid-nineteenth century, triggering a strong earthquake, which was completely destroyed the monastery of St. James, and the small village of Argue (after any settlements on the slopes of the mountains are not settled). It is worth noting that the aforementioned eruption was specific – it occurs deep in the earth, and lava emissions.
Ararat consists of two volcanic cones, the total length of the foot which is about 130 km away Connects them with each other Sardar-Bulak saddle, and the distance between the vertices is eleven kilometers.
Great Ararat
The greater Ararat (on the map it is located on the West side) appeared around 3.5 million years ago and is the highest mountain of Turkey mountain: its height is 5165 m above sea level. m. since the height of 4200 m the slopes of the volcano covered with snow and glaciers (there are about twenty pieces, the length of the largest of them, the glacier of St. James, is about two kilometers).
Small Ararat
On the map Small Ararat is located on the East side from his older brother. He appeared much later, 150 thousand years ago, and its height is much lower – 3896 m above sea level. M. Despite the fact that this mountain is low, vegetation as it is, and on the higher slopes of the volcano a little – sometimes there are lonely growing birch trees and wild grape. This is because these mountains are covered with a thick layer of ash, lava, and tephra deposits.
The climate of the mountains
The climate of mount Ararat is quite severe: at heights exceeding 2 thousand meters always blowing wind, and daytime temperatures even in summer can be below +10°C. the Most comfortable weather here in July, when temperature readings of the air amount to about +25°C.
Climbing the mountain

Despite the difficult climatic conditions, to climb the mountain is easy thanks to the gradual ascent on the Northern slope of the volcano. The only thing that is going to conquer this mountain in the summer, do not forget to bring special equipment in order to be able to overcome the glaciers.
In addition, those wishing to see the mountain that according to legend was moored at the time, the ark of Noah must also take account of the fact that you can get to it by Armenia at the moment it is difficult, therefore, considering that mount Ararat is in Turkey, it is advisable to get to it in this country.
In search of lost legends
Around mount Ararat national Park, an area of over 88 thousand hectares. it is interesting that it does not include the mountain peaks of Ararat, but also the area in which the researchers are still trying to find the legendary Noah's ark: there is a hypothesis that it was here, on the highest mountain of Turkey after the flood was able to approach the ark Noah and his family.
Of course, no evidence of this version of the archaeologists at the moment is not found. Theologians proceed from the assumption that during the flood Noah's ark was in the area. And if so, it is logical that Noah's ark had to moor to the highest point of the district, which drew water first. However, for this he had to at least roughly identify where is mount Ararat (according to the Bible, did sent to scout the dove).
So the local believers for many centuries were convinced that this sacred mountain and climb to its summit a mere mortal can not afford. There is a legend that the Holy Jacob tried three times to get to see and worship the legendary Noah's ark, three times he fell asleep on the way, and then woke up at the bottom of the volcano. After the third attempt to finally an angel appeared, who told us that mortal on the mountain of Noah lifting is strictly prohibited.
So the Armenians were so convinced of the sanctity of his mountain that any attempted ascent was regarded as a sacrilege and considered ungodly. Local priests and thought that this could be done: when the English scholar Bryce, having conquered the top of Noah, in 1876, reported the Armenian priest, he just could not believe.
Interestingly, there is a story about in 1916, a Russian officer Roskovitsky on top of the mountain was discovered frozen in glaciers, one of Noah's ark. The legendary boat was not only measured, but photographed. However, after a year the revolution began, and all documents are lost forever.
This is not the only version about the existence of Noah's ark. In the 70-ies of the last century, the Americans photographed the volcano from the height of bird flight, after which the enlarged images in one of the holes they found an object resembling the ark of Noah. To find it, however, subsequently failed, but found the ark on mount Ararat, which coincided with the legendary boat.


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