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Friday, June 16, 2017

Alavite from Turkey returned "mirror of conscience" to Armenia

The property of the Armenians, handed over to the Alavites of Turkey during the Genocide, returns to Armenia in 102 years.
YEREVAN, June 16 - Sputnik. Alavit Hassan Dvin from Turkey handed over to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Museum a mirror that turned out to be his grandfather 102 years ago.
In the press center of Sputnik Armenia, expert-analyst on regional issues Sargis Atspanyan and Hassan Dvin himself, whose grandfather took the property of the deportees during the Armenian Genocide, told the story of the "Armenian mirror".
Now living in Germany, a native of the village of Jermuk in the Gamah district of Erznka, the
historic province (now Erzincan), Dvin brought with him a mirror in a wooden case. As the expert-analyst for regional issues Sarkis Atspanyan noted, it was Erznka that was the center of pre-Christian Armenia, where the main temple of the pagan goddess Anahit was located, the tombs of six Armenian kings, etc.
According to him, it was in Yerznka during the genocide that the most difficult situation developed: the Armenian population of the region was almost completely exterminated.
Atspanyan met Khasan Dvin and learned the details of his family's history and relations with Armenians.
"In 1915, the Armenians who were exiled to Deir ez Zor handed over their belongings - utensils, carpets and other things, to Hassan's grandfather." They said they would ask to return if they were back in these parts. "And if they do not come back, they told him to leave Yourself "for health," Atspanyan said.
Dvin himself from early childhood knew that in their house there are things that used to belong to Armenians. In the middle of the last century, most of the items were sold by numerous relatives. And the favorite thing of Father Hassan - a simple mirror in a wooden frame, stayed with him.
To this mirror and its wooden "case" with handmade ornament, according to Atspanyan, Hassan's father always treated with trepidation, always took care of his safety. After the death of his father, Hasan moved to Germany, where he kept this mirror as the apple of his eye - as his father did in his time. He always wanted to know who this thing belonged to before, whether relatives are alive.
"Last year, Hassan first came to Armenia, he visited the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex, laid flowers to the Eternal Flame and then the idea came to him to pass a mirror to the Armenian Genocide Museum." According to Hasan, this was a matter of conscience, "Atspanyan said.
He stressed that, from the point of view of artistic value, the mirror is not of particular interest, its value is in the moral aspect.
Dvin himself confesses that as a child he knew nothing about the genocide. Later, his father described the massacres and deportation of Armenians. It was he who told Hassan the story of the mirror.
"This mirror was in our house, every guest was told his story, sometimes people of different nationalities were crying, for us this mirror became a" mirror of conscience, "Dvin said.
"God is a conscience," Victor Hugo Hassan Dvin cited.
He himself, I am sure that in the territory of Western Armenia (now Turkey) in the houses of Kurds and Turks there are numerous things of Armenians, called for their transfer to the Museum Museum of the Armenian Genocide.
Immediately after the press conference, Hassan Dvin went to the Genocide Museum-Institute in order to transfer the "relic" so dear to his family.

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