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Sunday, January 8, 2017

The ancient heart of Yerevan

In the South-Eastern part of Yerevan, on the ARIN-Berd hill many years ago the citadel of Erebuni, located exactly in the centre of the contemporary city. The years have not spared the city and nearly destroyed the citadel, but the monumental walls, in three rows was wrapped around her, something which has survived to this day, reaching the height of twelve feet.
In ancient times, Erebuni, as other the citadel was a stronghold of the relics of the ancient state of Urartu – the walls and skilled in combat, the soldiers of the garrisons represented military strength, and capacious granaries and cellars for the wines – well-being.
In fact, many historians believe that the name Erebuni has given the name of the current city of Yerevan, so skip the monument in the capital of Armenia, does not.
At the entrance to the citadel any tourist can see the famous basalt stone with ancient cuneiform
writing. King Argishti I at the base of the city were ordered to do the most detailed records not only the name of founder and date of laying the first stone, and the names of the builders, quantity and capacity basements, etc. Nowadays, these data represent an invaluable resource for historians and archaeologists, allowing details to reconstruct not only the original appearance of the architecture of the time, but also to learn more about everyday life, everyday, holidays and military life of the people that inhabited these places many years ago.

By remaining at the entrance into the inner part of the citadel steps, we can understand that the entry of the cars on the territory of Erebuni was prohibited. This kind of detail overwhelmed any ancient settlement, as if it tells us the story of its people, which is long gone in the world. From the gate leads to a corridor going through that be inside of this magical city Museum.
In the center of Erebuni is the area in the South which in ancient times was located in the main farm building and in the North - Orenburgskiy Palace and the temple of the God Haldi. Of course, nowadays these cults don't worship, but many years ago people lived in this place, worshiped other gods, and the spirit of these beliefs are still preserved here.
Haldi was the Supreme deity of the ancient Urartian Pantheon was headed by a triad of gods, where in addition it included the God of war Teisheba and the sun-God Shivini. In ancient times, the temple was often made sacrifices – unto the Supreme deity was brought Pets. In addition, it was customary to dedicate Haldi ritual panels with cuneiform inscriptions, which were intended to propitiate the deity and to bring good luck to the manufacturer of the shield and all the people.
Fully describe all the mysteries and treasures of the ancient city is absolutely impossible. In the area of the outbuildings are constantly finding new and interesting household items – ceramics, seals, bronze ornaments. Hike in Erebuni cannot be taken as ordinary sightseeing of the modern city of Yerevan. Anyone who has ever tried to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of the historic cities, monuments, you will understand why this place is not for a quick jog with a camera at the ready, but for long, thoughtful walks, which, however, will give you more than a few dozen photos.

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